Apostasy Within the Catholic Church?

Vaccines save millions of lives.

This is an undisputable fact of public health.

Just one vaccine, similar to the very first developed by Edward Jenner in the 1700s,  served to eradicate smallpox and has saved millions of lives.

Other vaccines like the ones against yellow fever, measles, diphtheria, and even the rabies shots given to dogs and cats, save millions of lives.

Yellow fever is deadly and there were epidemics of yellow fever in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Mobile, and other US cities as late as 1905. Yellow fever still occurs in countries in tropical Africa and South America. If you travel to or between these countries, you get a vaccine against yellow fever.

It is almost certain that vaccines, which have a number of components including the crucial active biological ones that generate antibodies to deadly diseases, have saved the most lives of any human inventionEdward Jenner is the man credited with saving more lives than any other person.

Very sadly, there are certain people who claim to be pro-life but who are against vaccination. Their pitiful claims are based on falsehoods, rumors, conspiracy theories, and politically-motivated lies.

Shamefully, one of these people is known anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Even more shamefully, another of these people is the Catholic bishop of Tyler, Texas who signed a letter full of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Strickland is an apostate who should not be called Bishop. He is an apostate for neglecting to protect human life by protesting against quarantines that are designed to slow down exposure to coronavirus to a pace that allows treatment in hospitals rather than the utter collapse of hospitals from massive influxes of patients.

Secondly, Mr. Strickland is an apostate for conspiring against the protection of human life by collaborating with known anti-vaccine activists who base their arguments on retracted papers, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and lies.

I have only seen one set of condemnations of the letter come from church officials. The condemnations come from bishops in Germany.

German Catholic bishops have rightfully condemned the letter that Strickland signed. German bishops are aware of the harm that conspiracy theories during pandemics have caused in their history.

I am praying to see a Catholic Church militant and triumphant that vigorously supports public health, rather than a church that cowers under the influence of lies and conspiracy theories that threaten human life.


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