February and March 2019 Reviews of What is Now a Regional Vector-Borne Disease Problem in South America

The malaria problem continues to increase in Venezuela and there are now significant concerns about the situation in neighboring countries including Colombia and Brazil.

Maria E. Grillet and over 45 colleagues have published an important review of the situation in Venezuela regarding malaria, Chagas’ disease, cutaneous leishmaniasis, dengue, and arboviruses including Zika and chickungunya in The Lancet.

Colombia’s Instituto Nacional de Salud has reported 502 imported cases of malaria so far in 2019, of which 98.2% came from travelers coming from Venezuela.

A contributing writer at Infectious Disease Advisor gives a good summary of over ten reasons for the resurgence of malaria in Venezuela. Key reasons are illegal mining activities and related deforestation, and collapse in surveillance and public health programs.