Call for Augmenting Health Services at Rumichaca

Álvaro Campo Ojeda, MS MSc, made a call for a large-scale ramping up of health services for Venezuelan migrants at Rumichaca.  He is concerned primarily about the large number of people gathered at the border crossing.

Rumichaca is located at 2900m above sea level.  Nights are above freezing, but are rather cold.  The Venezuelans are coming from a low-altitude tropical climate, and often do not have the coats and blankets that are necessary at the altitude of Rumichaca.

There is zero possibility of malaria transmission at Rumichaca, because the vectors do not live at that altitude.

Professor Ojeda is worried about respiratory illnesses and the possible of enteric pathogens.

The Red Cross is now present on both sides of the Rumichaca border crossing and is providing vaccinations and other medical assistance to migrants.