Consciousness-Raising About Venezuela

Over the past year, the crisis in Venezuela has grown in scope.

A year ago, for me, a year ago, the exodus from Venezuela and problems inside Venezuela were a reading topic.  The vector-borne disease situation in Venezuela revived my interest in the field in which I did my degree – Entomology.

Entomology had been largely dormant for me because of some rather bitter although not extreme experiences from the early 1990s that were related to Caregiving for my mother and the conflict between that and my work in Entomology.  My point here is not to discuss those experiences, other than to say that the recent report from the National Academy of Sciences has largely vindicated my feelings about these experiences.

For several months, I took actions both personally and on social media to promote and defend the rights of Caregivers.  As the number of actions I took increased, I felt more reconciliation with my former career.  The capstone of that reconciliation was the NAS report mentioned above.

I sure am glad now that I did this!!  The Venezuelan exodus has now become a topic of daily conversation.  Today, I heard from a good friend about a group of nine Venezuelans he saw by a rural roadside.  They were trying to catch a ride to Ecuador.

The situation now affects travel plans.  It makes formerly-easy border crossings in Latin America difficult.

And, I know that Entomology, or perhaps the lack of expertise thereof, is a piece in the puzzle in the crisis.  Of course, the overall roots of Venezuela’s problems are political.

Nevertheless, the following question needs to be asked:

How did the country with one of the world’s best vector-borne disease control programs in the 1930s-1970s fall so far?  What are the proximate causes?

And, interest in that question is why I registered a new domain name today,